Vendor Support

Epson Support

Epson sells primarily printers and projectors. Epson support is available via Live chat is available via their website Monday – Friday from 8AM – 5PM PT. Email support is also available via their website. Additionally, phone support is provided via 1-905-709-3839 Monday – Friday from 6AM – 8PM PT and Saturday from 7AM – 4PM PT.

Gigabyte Support

Gigabyte sells motherboards, video cards, laptops, desktops and peripherals. Gigabyte support is available via Contacting Gigabyte is done exclusively via their website with no publicly available support phone number or email address.

HP Support

Support options for HP Printers, Desktops, Laptops and Monitors. HP’s official support page can be found at To best work with HP’s website and deal with support, you will need your product name, number or serial number. Detailed instructions on finding your serial number can be found here while similar instructions for finding your product number can […]

Lenovo Support

Lenovo sells PCs, Servers, Mobile Devices and Smart devices. Lenovo’s primary Global Support website can be found at their website,  you can access forums, drivers & software, and Windows Support Center articles. Lenovo’s support options for phone and email vary significantly between different products. It is strongly recommended that you supply your serial number to […]

Lexmark Support

Lexmark sells printers. Lexmark support is available via Live chat is available via their website Monday – Friday from 9AM to 9PM EST. Phone support is also available during the same time frame via (800) 539-6275.

Memory Express Support

Memory Express provides extensive support for both manufacturer products and in-house products. Memory Express has support options available at individual stores during regular business hours. Additionally, you can send them an email via Depending on the severity of your issue, you may find it easier to send an email as phone wait times can be long during […]

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