Add an email account to Outlook for Mac

To send and receive your email in Outlook, you’ll first need to add your email account to Outlook. Add a new account quickly Most email accounts, including Office 365, Exchange server accounts,,, and accounts can be set up in a few quick steps. Type your email address > Continue. Type your password > Add […]

Add an email account to Outlook for PC

To send and receive your email in Outlook, you’ll first need to add your email account to Outlook. Add an email account quickly Many email accounts, including Microsoft Exchange accounts,,, and accounts, Office 365 accounts, and other POP and IMAP accounts can be added using Outlook’s automatic setup option.  You can use […]

Add Gmail, Yahoo, and other email accounts to Mail for Windows 10

Select Start  > Mail to open Mail for Windows 10.  If you log on to Windows 10 using a Microsoft account with an, Live, Hotmail, or MSN address, that account is automatically added to the Mail app for you! Hot topics Want to change your password? To change your password for any of your email accounts, you’ll have […]

Contacts sharing in Office 365

How to share contacts with others in Office 365? It is possible to share contacts in Office 365, however available options are limited as compared to calendar sharing. A major downside is that contacts folder sharing is not possible in OWA. To share your personal contacts you have to use MS Outlook. The process is […]

Set up email in Android email app

Instructions on how to setup email in the built-in Gmail or Samsung email app Gmail app Update your Gmail app to the latest version: Open the Google Play Store app on your phone. Type “Gmail” into the search bar and then select Update.Note: If the update option is not available, you’re already on the latest version. After […]

Set up email in Outlook for iOS mobile app

This article is for setting up your email account only! Open Outlook for iOS. The icon looks like this: If you don’t have it yet, download it from the Apple Store (external link). Note:  Available for iOS devices using iOS 10.0 or higher. First time using Outlook for iOS? Just tap Get Started. If not, tap the menu icon the upper left […]

Set up email in the Outlook for Android app

Instructions for setting up email in the downloadable Outlook for Android app Download Outlook for Android (external link) and then open the app. The icon looks like this: Tap Get Started if it’s your first time. Otherwise, open the Menu and tap Settings > Add Account >Add Email Account. Enter your full email address, then tap Continue. Enter your email account password and tap Sign In or Next. Note: The […]

Set up email on a BlackBerry

Instructions on setting up your email on a BlackBerry device If you’re using a BlackBerry 10 device, set up your email using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Exchange ActiveSync lets you synchronize your email, calendar, and contacts, tasks, and memos. You can set up email on your BlackBerry device using a POP3 or IMAP4 connection to your […]

Set up email on Windows Phone

Set up email on your Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5, or Windows Phone 7. Set up mail on a Windows 8.1 or earlier phone Open the App list on your phone or tablet and tap Settings. Then tap Email + accounts > Add an account Choose your account type: account: tap or Outlook (or tap Windows Live if you’re […]

Set up email using the iOS Mail app

Set up an Office 365, Exchange, or email in the iOS Mail app Go to your iPhone or iPad’s Settings > scroll down and tap Accounts & Passwords > Add Account. Note: If you’re on iOS 10, go to Mail > Accounts >Add Account. Select Exchange. Enter your Office 365, Exchange, or email address and a description of your account. Tap Next. Tap Sign In. Note: Tap Configure manually if you […]

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